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Second Step is designed to promote social competence and reduce social and emotional problems by teaching young children skills in the core areas of empathy, emotion management and problem solving.  It is a universal prevention program, which means that it is taught to every child in a classroom rather than to selected children.   The program emphasizes understanding and dealing with emotions, expressing emotions in socially acceptable ways, thinking about social situations in accurate and constructive ways, and learning   pro-social behaviors through practice. 

Second Step

Conscious Discipline

Children are born explorers. Naturally curious, they want to know about the world and their place in it. The InvestiGator Club preschool curriculum taps into this sense of wonder by connecting play, imagination, and content to the real world. "Purposeful inquiry," the heart of The InvestiGator Club, challenges children to use their senses, to ask questions, and to find the answers in a supportive, language- and literacy-rich environment.


The Investigator's Club curriculum is used in our VPK and 3 year old classrooms.

Building Language for Literacy is a research-based program that develops children’s oral language and early literacy skills.  Building Language for Literacy prepares children for reading success using high-quality literature, songs and poems, rich vocabulary, and language-loving characters.  This program fosters children's awareness in other domains as the program is integrated with science, social studies, math, writing, music, and other curriculum and content areas.


Building Language for Literacy curriculum is used in our 2 year old classrooms.

Building Language

for Literacy

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional classroom management program.  Based on current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices, the goal of the program is to provide systematic changes in schools by fostering the emotional intelligence of teachers and students.


The Investigator's Club

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